Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Governess by Mary Kingswood (Sisters of Woodside Mysteries Book 1)

I am delighted to welcome Mary Kingswood to my blog today. Mary writes traditional drawing-room style Regency romances in the style of Georgette Heyer. She has just released the first book in her The Sisters of Woodside Mysteries series, where Mr Edmund Winterton of Woodside dies, leaving his unmarried daughters destitute, and needing to find genteel employment to survive.

A 5-book series, each one a complete story with a HEA, this series starts with The Governess.

The Governess (Sisters of Woodside Mysteries Book 1)

When Mr Edmund Winterton of Woodside dies, his daughters find themselves penniless and homeless. What can they do? Unless they wish to live on charity, they will have to find genteel employment for themselves.

Annabelle becomes governess to the daughters of the recently bereaved Earl of Brackenwood. She has no idea how to teach, but her pupils can learn all they need from books, so how difficult can it be? She’ll need all her ingenuity to cope with the rebelliousness of her charges, and the unwanted attentions of their father. But when her past returns to haunt her, she has to make a difficult decision.

Allan is slowly getting used to life as a widower, but his mother is determined that he must marry again and produce an heir. He is determined that he won’t, although the new governess is just the sort of woman he could fall in love with. But when a face from long ago reappears and stirs up suspicion, he has to consider the possibility that his wife’s death was not natural. What is worse, he himself is the obvious suspect. If he can’t prove his innocence, he may lose everything - his home, his new love and even his life.

Book 1 of the 5-book Sisters of Woodside Mysteries series, each a complete story with a HEA, but read all of them to find out all the family secrets!

Mary has written two other Regency series. The first is Sons of the Marquess, where Lord Carrbridge discovers his finances are in a perilous state. His five brothers must find ways to support themselves. Will they choose careers, or look for rich heiresses to support their wealthy lifestyle?

A 5-book series, each one a complete story with a HEA, this series starts with Lord Reginald.

Her second series is titled The Daughters of Allamont Hall. In this series, Mr William Allamont dies unexpectedly. His will includes generous dowries for his six daughters, but only on condition that they marry in the proper order, the eldest first.

A six-book series, each one a complete story with a HEA, this series starts with Amy. For even better value, you can pick up the box set of books 1-3.

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Mary lives in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland with her husband. She likes chocolate, whisky, her Kindle, massed pipe bands, long leisurely lunches, chocolate, going places in her campervan, eating pizza in Italy, summer nights that never get dark, wood fires in winter, chocolate, the view from the study window looking out over the Moray Firth and the Black Isle to the mountains beyond. And chocolate. She dislikes driving on motorways, cooking, shopping, and hospitals.

The lovely lady in her avatar is Archduchess Clementina of Austria (1798-1881), Princess of Salerno, painted around 1839.

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