Thursday, 30 November 2017

A Christmas Regency

If you're in the mood for a holiday read, my Regency romance, A Marchioness Below Stairs, features a Christmas scene with lots of delicious food, great conversation and a kiss under the kissing bough! It is available at Amazon and other ebook stores, and will be released as a paperback shortly.

Friday, 17 November 2017

A Marchioness Below Stairs is now available

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Reviews of A Marchioness Below Stairs

"What an enchanting and unusual love story this is, and made all the more enjoyable because it is atypical! Here we have a marchioness who is willing to contravene the expected social mores of the haut monde, and indeed she takes control at a crisis moment in which fellow females would never soil their hands to see others replenished in a time of need. But Isabel is not altogether as one would imagine, and whilst good fortune has come her way in one instance, in another it has caused her great pain. All too well aware memories of former affairs of the heart can be as painful as when first experienced, hers are far from fully vanquished. And despite another man teases her mercilessly, his interest in her evident, life soon becomes somewhat heated below stairs as Isabel and the hero rally to provide sustenance for her uncle’s guests.

Aside from the romance, which in itself develops in the strangest of circumstances, there are elements of the period many Regency fans are familiar with in general, but few authors will venture to. Thus Ms Baxter touches on the subject of slavery, and Isabel’s discovery of a unique business premises in London brings to light a delicacy that is today a familiar sight in almost every town in the Western world, hence she has created – as far as I am aware – an original Regency plotline. Well done Ms Baxter." - Francine Howarth - Romance Reviews Magazine UK

“A well-researched story that weaves the issues of slavery and feminism into the plot. The start of Indian takeaways in England and the Frost Fair of 1814 are historical trivia included in the story that make this book an interesting reading experience.” - 4 stars,

“Although this was predominantly a romance, I felt it was more than that. The story spoke about a strong woman who stood up for her truth and freedom, and fought for justice and human rights. I thoroughly enjoyed the rich history in this book and how the heroine was a woman beyond her time. The book was infused with some tension and suspense too.” – Kathy Bosman

“In the best Regency romance style, Alissa Baxter has created a wonderful story. You are thrust into the life of the title character literally from page one.” – Goodreads reviewer

“If you love Regency romances this book has it all - gorgeous refined women, a sprinkling of rakes and cads, and handsome heroes. The author has introduced different threads of interest through commenting on the politics of the time (in particular the anti-slavery bill), and through delving with detail into mouthwatering below-the-stairs food preparation. With an interesting array of characters and a good handful of subplots, this is definitely a book to read if you wish to take yourself off to a historical time where men thought they ruled but women secretly knew better.” – Cherie Mitchell

“A widow determined not to marry again - a man determined to change her mind. Add in a snowed-in house party, stolen papers, and a scoundrel, and you have a very entertaining story. Enjoyed the tale.” - Goodreads reviewer

Friday, 10 November 2017

Pre-Order A Marchioness Below Stairs

I am excited to announce that my Regency romance, A Marchioness Below Stairs, is available for pre-order.

If you would like to pre-order it before its release on 15 November, you can buy it from Amazon.